Monday, 5 November 2012

Screen printing - through the lens

Yesterday I ran a screen printing workshop with some friendly and creative makers. It's always a fun day spending time being able to pass on my skills as a printer, and to see the designs people make and looks of excitement on everyone's faces. 

Here's a few images from the day (snapped with my iphone at random times), but I highly encourage you to check out this sublimely beautiful video that Noah made. His viewpoint and vision is simply wonderful. We at Hey Maker! are really happy to have Noah hang out in our space and use his quiet talents and skills for such wonderful visions. He also made some fantastic stencils, and printed scarab beetles onto a tie-dyed tote bag he's owned since kindergarten. Now how good is that!

I have another screen printing workshop coming up on 16th December, if you'd like to try your hand at printing your own fabric. Or come along to my stencil printing session at the Ukitopia festival on 17th November.

Check out Noah's blog and flickr.
*top black and white images are screen shots from Noah's video. Other images are by me, Ellie.