Sunday, 30 September 2012

what is slow art? I hear you ask....

Slow Art, like the Slow Food Movement or the Slow Living Movement, is about shunning the mentality of needing to rush, hurry, and scurry. Instead of always thinking about the end result of your making, Slow Art is about enjoying the process and the meditation of the making. It's also about remembering the skills and talents and experiences of our forebears, and taking a moment to think about the farmers, makers, designers and producers of our art or craft making supplies.

Feeling the yarn slip through your fingers, as you crochet or knit.
Listening to the sound of scissors cutting through fabric.
Enjoying the slow bite of a needle pulling thread through fabric to become stitches.
Watching the colour evolve in a piece - paint, thread, fabric, yarn, ink, paper...........

Slow Art, of course, comes with enjoyable moments of conversation, taking time to sip from your warm cup of tea, and nibble at delicious home cooked cakes. Feeling the crumbs tumble onto your lap.

You'll be lost in the moment of making. Of not over-thinking a design or the end result; just being part of the doing. Perhaps you may not finish your piece today, or next week, or even next year; but that doesn't matter. Some pieces are simply about remembering why you enjoy making and creating.

We hope to see you at our fortnightly Slow Art sessions in our new Hey Maker! Work Room.

Friday, 21 September 2012

makers we like :: Belinda Suzette

One of the simply wonderful things about Hey Maker! is the meeting (be it in real or on the webs) with creative, sharing, inspiring people. People we wouldn't normally have connected with, or bumped paths with. This Hey Maker! thing we've got going here really is good.
As a little homage to all these good makers who we're getting to know, I thought it might be fun to start a little series here showing them off to you. How does that sound?

Let's start with the quirky, vibrant, fun creative artist Belinda Suzette
Belinda's work is folk-inspired, with a modern colour palette and off-beat themes. Her works are mixed media collage, in either digital or hand-made (traditional) techniques.

Belinda made herself known to us Hey Makers! right from the start, as she was as excited about making 'stuff' happen as we are. And boy aren't we glad to have made the connection with her. Simply can't wait to meet Belinda in person. 

In the meantime, please enjoy this very small snippet of her amazing work. Really, I'm having a hard time choosing any favourites.

Some exciting news! ...... Our new pop-up retail space (set to open very very soon) will feature some of Belinda's art prints for sale. Come and check them out, won't you, I don't think they'll last long.
Also, we have a special piece of Belinda Suzette and Hey Maker! coming soon. You'll be able to pick it up next week at the Caba Creative Event.

*all images used with kind kind thanks to Belinda Suzette.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crafting with kids

School holidays are just around the corner, and amongst all the Hey Maker! craziness :: wonderfulness that is happening -  we are all gearing up to having our kids at home.

At the start of each holidays, I always ask my kids what they want to do. I give them a chance to write it all down. It doesn't always all get done, but it's lovely to see them write down what they want to do. 

I've gathered  a list of inspiration to help you and your little ones have a creative holiday time. Though, of course any of these can be done at any time of the year (no need to wait until holiday time to get your crafty on!). 

This is the start of the list that my little ones want to do. It includes climbing Mount Warning (we don't anticipate getting to the top) and visiting Natural Arch - there will be much exploring and drawing inspiration at both those places. They also want to get started on their making for our upcoming Hey Maker! Kid-Made market {more about that later}. Some embroidery stitching and stencil screen printing for cushion making are on the wishlist.

Made by Joel always has excellent and low-cost things to make with or for your kids. I love his dad point of in the often predominantly female blog-world I read. He has an excellent book as well.

Lotta is an excellent mini magazine for all your kid making projects. So much fun. I'm loving that cloud softie in their new Colour issue.
BIG Kids magazine is beautiful and appeals to kids and adults alike.

I love this idea of writing a family newspaper. Both my kids are into writing and journalling, so this would fit right in. What a fantastic way of recording the holidays : they'll be spending four nights with their grandparents without us, so there will be lots of write about!

images used with kind thanks from
1} our holiday wish list - written by Ari and Mishi 2} Made by Joel 3} Batman toilet paper rolls 4} Lotta Colour 5} Paper Dolls 6} Playful Learning