Sunday, 30 September 2012

what is slow art? I hear you ask....

Slow Art, like the Slow Food Movement or the Slow Living Movement, is about shunning the mentality of needing to rush, hurry, and scurry. Instead of always thinking about the end result of your making, Slow Art is about enjoying the process and the meditation of the making. It's also about remembering the skills and talents and experiences of our forebears, and taking a moment to think about the farmers, makers, designers and producers of our art or craft making supplies.

Feeling the yarn slip through your fingers, as you crochet or knit.
Listening to the sound of scissors cutting through fabric.
Enjoying the slow bite of a needle pulling thread through fabric to become stitches.
Watching the colour evolve in a piece - paint, thread, fabric, yarn, ink, paper...........

Slow Art, of course, comes with enjoyable moments of conversation, taking time to sip from your warm cup of tea, and nibble at delicious home cooked cakes. Feeling the crumbs tumble onto your lap.

You'll be lost in the moment of making. Of not over-thinking a design or the end result; just being part of the doing. Perhaps you may not finish your piece today, or next week, or even next year; but that doesn't matter. Some pieces are simply about remembering why you enjoy making and creating.

We hope to see you at our fortnightly Slow Art sessions in our new Hey Maker! Work Room.

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