Sunday, 7 October 2012

Come Crochet with Helle!

We open our doors...finally...this Friday 12th October! Its been a busy few months and we are almost there. 
If you visit town regularly you may have seen our windows evolving! The artwork is a collaborative creation by me (Belinda) and two great friends Helle Jorgenson and Julia Barron. The artwork is created from torn up old bed sheets and crocheted with the BIGGEST crochet hooks you have ever seen. We enjoyed exploring the possibilities this strange yarn offered, re-using this cast aside material and watching the sculptures grow organically.

I'd like to tell you about Helle if you don't already know her. She works from the light filled Studio 85 which is above the shops near the police station in Mur'bah. She is internationally exhibited with work currently being shown in Washington DC. We are looking forward to her exhibition at the Tweed River art Gallery in late November which is a body of work that explores the works of 'Entropy'. There is a piece that is made up of hundreds of tiny little crochet creatures that mimic the morphology of plants and animals in the natural world. Helle uses predominantly waste material in her work to beautiful and refined effect.

Take a look at this little video by Noah Barron. It is a serene window into Helle's creative world.

As a special treat Helle Jorgenson will be in our workspace 10am- 2pm on Friday the 12th October (Opening Day). We will be playing with different yarns from plastic bags to old sheets, playing and experimenting. Come in and join us then. We'll look forward to seeing you. 

Belinda Smith


  1. Sounds wonderful, I love her work.

  2. Thanks Belinda and Jude. It will be loads of fun.

  3. noah you snappy bloke you and helle, as always super spesh! that was brilliant! yay to you both xoxo