Monday, 29 October 2012

Match Sticks and String!

Make a Worry Doll or a few! .... With a few matchsticks and some coloured string you can make a tiny little version of yourself! I would love to see an installation grow in the Hey Maker! shop that reflects our community in minature. 
This is a free workshop open to all ages and skill levels. 
....and for very little fingers so we have a really special activity....Local artists and illustrators Tamsin Ainslie and Melissa Mackie have done some gorgeous drawings for colouring in.
Saturday November 3rd 10am - 2pm

Wondering what a worry doll is?
There is a Mayan legend that states “When a person can not sleep well due to worries, they tell the worries to a worry doll. They then put the doll under their pillow and during the night the worry doll worries in the persons place, allowing them to sleep well and awake refreshed”.

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