Monday, 22 October 2012

Tell us a little about your creative life {Interview} with Heather Matthew

The generous, warm and vibrant Heather Matthew is presenting a beautiful Slow Art session at our Hey Maker! Workroom this coming Thursday. Called 'The Dream Box' it's about exploring your dreams and nurturing those moments so they can take shape in your real life. A powerful transformational tool that can help you focus on turning dreams into reality. Heather will lead you in your dream box creating with her strong visual, emotional and creative instinct, while enjoying a cup of tea, cake and conversation. 

I thought we'd take this perfect opportunity to ask Heather a few questions about herself and her passion for creating and transforming print, paper, collections, words into her creative life. 

For more info about Heather's Dream Box workshop please contact us, or a make a booking here.

Please also visit Heather's website and blog bbox productions.

Tell us a little about your creative life.
I believe that the art of living a creative life is all about the practise of being creative… everyday art of making some creative mark, whether it be with paper, ink or paint.

Where do you live and why?
I live in Nunderi with a view out over the sugarfields to Wollumbin, the healing mountain. It is on the road to the beach, only five minutes out of Murwillumbah and yet with a view of mountains and sky. I love the fact that you can be anywhere in just 20 minutes, whether the airport or Gold Coast or Brunswick Heads or Uki or…..

What is it you make?
I make a variety of products including greeting cards, handmade paper and prints. But my real passion is making artist books, thinking about a theme or subject, political or domestic and creating works of art around this. I also make a daily collage and upload these with an accompanying short poem on my blog as a way of reflecting on the days events.

Where did you learn these skills?
I have been printmaking for the last ten years, learning first at TAFE and at Southern Cross University in Lismore. My writing career was initially learnt through Deakin University’s Vocational Writing course then continued on through working as a journalist, oral history writer and poet. Also I have attended numerous print and bookmaking workshops, the most recent in Skopelos, Greece in 2011. I learnt papermaking at Southern Cross University and also sought out additional papermaking skills in Chiapas, Mexico.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Daily life is my inspiration – I love to travel and use the detritus of everyday life like street posters, bus tickets, postage stamps and even souvlaki wrappers in my art works.

What is your fondest childhood memory of making something?
The absolute freedom of ripping my prints into shreds and then turning around and reassembling them into collages or turning them into handmade paper and printing back over them. Very liberating!

Do you find time to be creative every day?
Absolutely – it has become my goal to just keep making collages everyday, even when I don’t feel like I have anything left to say…somehow the thought I have to keep my blog going with my daily collage compels me into action.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a creative career?
I’ve been pursuing a creative career as an independent artist for about the last fifteen years. I supplement my income with other work, but I guess I’m now really pursuing my creative business as a single focus.

Who is your creative hero?
People who have a go at something even when it seems crazy…Walt Disney, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, the man who invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner…I’d like to say just one person but I admire everyone who believes that art is for living…..

What would you love to learn to do within the next year or so? What creative skill / talent?
I’d like to explore encaustic (wax) painting more and its application to a more printerly approach. Japanese papermaking techniques, lithography, more woodblock printing, and creating huge papier-mâché sculptures like those in Diego Rivera’s studio in Mexico City.

Please share some of your favourite web wanderings.
too many to go into …especially with a slow internet connection but here’s a few….
Papermaking -

artist books

a book about death (google this – it has many offshoots)
the sketchbook project

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