Well here it is! Membership to Hey Maker!

We know you've all been asking how you can join our Creative Collective.

The details are: a yearly membership is $45.
For this you get:
+ a members only newsletter monthly, or as we have good news
+ first access to our events, seminars and workshops (through our newsletter)
+ the chance to be featured on our regular monthly mailing list (restricted to content, space and quality of photos)
+ the chance to be featured on our blog via creative interviews or studio visits
 + discounts off our seminars and Hey Maker products (they are coming soon.....)
+ the feel good factor of saying "I'm a Hey Maker!"
+ the chance to be part of something that is growing at an ever-expanding rate
+ more features to be added as our Collective grows.

Hey Maker has been featured on the following blogs, websites or Facebook pages over the past month alone (wait until we have even more time to dedicate to getting our name out there!) : Frankie Magazine (mailing list and Facebook more than once) Meet me at Mike's blog Peppermint Magazine Oxfam's 3 Things blog (more than once) Bris-Style blog and many many many more People are talking about Hey Maker from further afield than our little town, and while they talk about Hey Maker they are talking about Murwillumbah and the creative community we have here. We intend to further the relationships we have developed. Becoming a member means that your own making label is promoted, or you are directly helping another creative to promote their label, and our town. All this can only mean good things for the economic situation of Murwillumbah!

Pop on over here to become a member.

We'd love to hear anything else you'd like to be included in our membership.

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