Sunday, 22 April 2012

10 things I'm loving on a Sunday

Right now I'm being highly influenced by all the colours around me. It's Autumn here and that means some glorious yellows, oranges, and reds. The persimmon tree in our yard is in full colour - soon the branches will be bare, but right now it's endless variations of firey hues are glowing in the sunshine. The eucalypt trees are dropping red leaves simply everywhere.
Somehow, with all this intense bright colour, I am finding myself drawn to the deeper tones of indigo, mid-night blue.....

1) the indigo and blue hues of this quilt by Folk Fibers. Also - I love that she is growing her own indigo plants for natural dyeing. One day, perhaps I may have an indigo or woad patch....

2) These pages of indigo colour swatches from Tinctory's journal.

3) These eggs. Oh these eggs. Just imagine, if you will, visiting your hen house and finding this beautiful, marvelous, spectacular collection of blues and greens nestled warmly amongst the fresh straw. Oh yes. We are still planning our chook house, but Ameraucana chooks are on the list

4) This inkblot top from Rachel Rose.  Like a watercolour of deliciousness.....

5) This wall is perfect combined with these red beads. I love this colour combination best of all!

6) Oh, anything, simply everything from Elephant Ceramics.

7) And this vibrant collection of colour swatches. Don't you just want to see that on your wall every day! From French Marie Claire Idees via stephmodo.

8) These indigo shibori pieces from Australian company Shibori. (Many years ago my mum dyed some beautiful indigo shibori fabric; we had giant floor cushions around our house....)

9) Some silk yarn that I dyed using red cabbage. It's faded to a beautiful variegated purple. Makes for lovely crochet stones!

10) My own screen printed lacework:leafwork design in the deepest of smoked teal colour. Still wet from the printing ink.

*With thanks for all the images used, linked with love

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