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Sew & Tell : hand made, hand me down an

Coming up this weekend is an amazing market that is NOT TO BE MISSED. {and not only because there will be quite a few of us Hey Makers! there with stalls of our own, nope there's lots of other goodness to be had and shared and experienced as well.....}.

Sew & Tell started earlier this year as an idea by Gabe and Tori. Well, what a fantabulous idea it was. The first Sew & Tell was so successful that before it was even over, the next one was being organised. How good is that. Super good!

Saturday 8th December 9am - 1.30pm (dst)
Bangalow's beautiful A & I Hall


With the bearded man set to visit just a few weeks later, Sew & Tell is the place to find the perfect gift for those that have been naughty or nice! And maybe even something for yourself.

Organisers Tory Bauer and Gabe Cramb said “We are curating this edition of Sew & Tell with the festive season in mind and everything that goes along with it. Handmade and vintage gifts are unique. They are special. You feel good giving them.” 
The heritage A & I Hall will be jam packed with one of a kind gifts for family and friends. There will be a diverse array of crafty goods for sale including everything from handmade journals, children’s clothes and home-wares, textiles, stenciling and felting to applique, painting, jewelry, handmade cards and wrapping paper, and sew much more. 

As well as craft there will be retro wares, nic nacs, records and a few additional blokey stalls to find that special something for the fellas. AND for all those fans of vintage frocks we have something really special. Julia Stone will be selling off much of her amazing collection of vintage gear at Sew and Tell! High voltage frock n roll!

Sew & Tell Handmade and Hand-me-down will also see the return of some of the special stalls that were so popular at the first event.  Sew & Tell is not like other markets. Oh no - not at all, not one bit! It’s about connecting people and getting the public involved! Some of the thoughtful and unique stall ideas bring out the best in each of us and bring about the sharing and community aspect of any good local handcraft hand-down market stall. You really do have to see this market to experience the wonderful minds who have made it possible (and all the busy busy making, doing, thinking, planning). Some of the special stalls are:

Do you have any craft projects that you are not likely to finish any time soon? Like that Jenny Kee style jumper you have been trying to finish since the 80’s? Why not put them up for adoption on our Unfinished Business table?Just bring them along to Sew & Tell. All items on the unfinished business stall are free and you don’t have to return to sender. All you have to do is promise to finish them off. We’d also love it if you could post a pic of the finished item on the Sew & Tell facebook page.

Bring along any items that you’d like to donate - fruit, vegetables, herbs, chillis, wool, threads, badges, crafty items etc. Anyone can donate to the free stall. You just need to bring the donated item along to Sew & Tell and put it on the stall. Anyone can take these items, but if you do we encourage you to perform a random act of kindness for someone at some stage during the day – like buy a coffee for the person behind you.  

Nobody mends things anymore! It wasn’t that long ago that people darned holes in their socks, sewed buttons back on or mended a tear in their shirt. Mending is thrifty and eco friendly and just plain sensible. Kim Bailey from East of Grey will be behind the machine on the Mend It Like Beckham stall. Kim has 15 years experience sewing and mending all manner of things. So gather up those shirts with missing buttons, pants that need hemming and other items that need fixing and bring them along to Sew & Tell. Oh and the great news is the Mend It Like Beckham stall is FREE! Yes!

Yes! The Man Cave is back! This is a space for the fellas to respite from the craft and vintage worship taking place in the rest of the hall. There'll be comfy seating and magazines to read. This is the updated and super funky space - all through out history men have had to wait around for women to finish shopping and chatting and discovering the next treasure to take home. Toni and Gabe have made this space more than a "waiting for the women" chair - you might not want to leave when she's ready to....

Make sure you mark this in your diary in bright red glitter, so you don't forget. Well, how could you forget! This Saturday 9am. 
There's also lots of other lovely things to do in and around Bangalow after Sew & Tell stallholders pack up, so plan a whole day of hand crafting, hand-me-down, vintage, local time with your sister, friend, mum, best friend, boy friend, girl friend, children...... Or on your own - there'll be plenty of people to chat with.  
Make sure you say Hi! We'll be there eager to chat. xxxx

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