Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Natural Dyeing - Guest Speaker and Demonstration - April 11th, Murwillumbah

International Guest Speaker:
Lamorna Cheeseman from Studio Naenna,
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I met Lamorna at her Natural Textile studio back in 2004 when I was in the early stages of establishing “Oiko - Hand Dyed Textiles.” An ongoing working relationship and friendship was formed as Lamorna took on the role of Oiko’s production manager.
That day Lamorna showed me through the beautiful gardens of Studio Naenna which is in a rural setting on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand. These gardens host a variety of plants grown for the “Dye Vat”. As we walked around the garden Lamorna passionately explained the dye process and showed me the beautiful natural hues each plant would yield.

“The indigo dye vat will continue to yield dye for as long as the master dyer is attentive and carefully listens to the pot as it speaks to her. The changes in tone and rhythm of the gentle bubbling will tell the dyer if it needs more yoghurt or indigo.”

Studio Naenna was founded by Patricia Cheesman who is a close friend of Australian textile designer Jenny Kee and a lecturer in textiles at Chiang Mai University. Patricia has published several books sharing her vast knowledge of Sth East Asian textiles.

Studio Naenna is built on 25 years of ecological sustainability and fair trade ethics.
Their “Weavers for the Environment” come together from around Thailand to exchange knowledge of natural dye techniques. The studio is a place of inspiration helping women to realise their potential as income earners and respected members of their community. Master weaver Viroy Nanthapoom has taught over 40 young weavers in the silk ikat technique thus contributing to the preservation of traditional Thai weaving.
Our guest speaker Lamorna is Patricia’s daughter. Lamorna manages Studio Naenna and works alongside Patricia in design and development. The textiles are sold in their shop “Adorn” in Chiang Mai, to boutique spa hotels throughout Thailand as well as internationally. Lamorna also hosts workshops and takes textile groups on tour throughout South East Asia.

With both parents from England and having been brought up and schooled in Thailand, Lamorna has a foot firmly planted in the two worlds. She is immersed in Thai culture and language therefore able to offer us an intimate insight into the practices of Thai textile artisans.

I am so pleased that we can share the magic of Studio Naenna with you. After the talk we are in for a treat, Anne Leon will do a natural dye demonstration. You are welcome to bring along some natural yarn to throw in the dye pot. Can’t wait, it’s going to be a juicy night of inspiring textile creativity. Both Lamorna and Anne will  have a selection of beautiful hand made textiles for sale. An opportunity to buy mum a gift for mothers day, don’t you think?

When: Thursday April 11th
Time: 7.00 - 9.00pm
Where: The Autumn Club 
(next to Murwillumbah Library) 
Tickets: $18 - Bookings Essential

Natural Dye Demonstration: 
Local artist Anne Leon 
Byron Bay  
(watch this space, more info on Anne to come)

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