Saturday, 10 March 2012


Artists and creatives Belinda Smith, Ellie Beck, Jo Olive and Kathy Egan are the founding members of Hey Maker! We came together to form a collective in response to the growing number of retail stores in Murwillumbah closing their doors.  It has been reported that 32 out of 70 shops in the town centre are empty and up for lease. Hey Maker! sees this as an opportunity to use empty shop fronts to attract attention and benefit the community.

“We are aiming to raise the awareness of needing to support local creatives, as well as keeping our town alive by shopping local. Similar to other towns across Australia who have had to face the situation of renew, revive or die, Murwillumbah needs some fun, hands on acts of creative artiness!” said founding Hey Maker! member Ellie Beck

“The Verge office is occupied by a landscape architect (Verge) and a Graphic designer (Upside) who are sympathetic to our cause and are willing to let the pop up be staged in their space. Hey Maker! hopes the success of our POTOPRINTPOPUP will encourage Murwillumbah’s commercial landlords to follow their example and be a part of this drive to stimulate the local economy” Founding member of Hey Maker! Belinda Smith said.

POTATOPRINTPOPUP is our first event for 2012

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