Friday, 9 March 2012


Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April signals the arrival of Hey Maker! a new creative collective to the region. Hey Maker! will present POTATOPRINTPOPUP, a free workshop taking place at Verge - 13 Queen Street, Murwillumbah.

Hey Maker! creative collective invites the community to join them in creating a fun potato print art installation on a shop wall. Using potato supplied by local farmers participants will cut and carve designs to create stamps and print on recycled materials.

The workshop kicks off at 10am – 3pm, and the community is invited to pop into Verge anytime to participate and contribute to an installation of work on the shop wall. Hey Maker’s aim is to highlight that art can be made from simple everyday materials including vegetables and recycled boxes and cardboard.

Four artists from Hey Maker! will be on hand during the event. Take home kits will be available, so participants can continue their crafty fun at home!


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