Monday, 11 June 2012

Hey Maker Update

Hey Maker! needs a HQ.  

If you've been following our dream of securing a beautiful space in Murwillumbah, you'll know how deeply in love we are with our vision of creating a great space for locals and creatives.  

There is so much potential in our riverside home to be an arts destination, buzzy with making and learning and sharing. We want people to stop by, we want them to spend their cash in our cafe's and our retail spaces, we want our wealth of creatives to be celebrated, visited and promoted. 

Imagine a space, where you can sit and knit or draw or flick through cool mags. While you're there you sign up for a workshop, watch as glass or wool or paper or ink is transformed by an artist who sits window-side and explains the process and the love.  

Not only could you learn and share, you could support.  Our local creatives are amazing beings and most people around our town may not be aware of the talent that settles into their studios each morning above our streets. In this imagined space you can buy local, buy unique, buy handmade, by crafted, buy loved.  

Just imagine and stay tuned........


  1. love it when people look up rather than down!!!

    Look forward to finding out where you new home is going to be

  2. I saw you taking some of these photos the other day :) Was waiting to see the hand in the window shot ;-)