Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the Hey Makers made a video! {we can do anything}

Hey Maker! Creative Collective : The Pozible Campaign from Hey Maker! creative collective on Vimeo.

Good things have been happening. Not much blogging, but lots of talking and planning and photographing and video making! Yep - Hey Maker made a video. {To be fair here, Jo and Belinda did the video making. The fantabulous Jo said I can do that! And she did....}.

Go and watch it. Be prepared to have a little tear trickle down your face; every time I watch it my eyes well up.

This is just the start of all the good and wonderful and creative and excellent things that the Hey Makers can do. We can do anything. Will you come along and do it with us, we'd love you to be there and share the journey - be in here online, or in our real little soon-to-be shop and workshop and gathering space. 

My heart starts racing thinking about everything us Hey Makers want to do. Lucky there's five of us, otherwise we wouldn't have a chance of getting any of it done. 

But we do need your help. On Friday we launch our online Pozible campaign - this is an Australian crowd-funding site, where everyone can help someone else. Will you help us?

More info over the coming days and weeks. Follow us on Facebook as well, for more regular updates.

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