Thursday, 5 July 2012

{creative spaces} pompoms for pledges

Today we've been making lots and lots of pompoms... We're making pompoms for pledges! Doesn't that sound fun. 

We're hanging our window display for our Hey Maker Pozible campaign art installation. Every pledge is represented by a pompom in our window display. Lots of pompoms to keep making! Our campaign launched last week, with our beautiful video (made by Jo and Belinda). Go watch it if you haven't seen it. We're raising funds to open a grand space for crafting creating inspiring making learning teaching gathering connecting and simply hanging out in a pretty cool place. We're also working on the slow project of Renewing our home town of Murwillumbah. Lots of good things. 

You could help us out, you know. While you're watching the video make a pledge - every little bit helps (and some big bits too!). There's prizes for pledges and then we get to make more pompoms and put them up in our window display. We'll share more pics of the window as it's progressing - its warm and fluffy and woolly and colourful and fun. 

What are you making? Go check out the other makers at Creative Spaces - always a good and inspiring place to hang out for a little while.

{check out our Hey Maker facebook page, lots more updates over there}



    love them to bits! thank you for making our town so beautiful! xxx

    Vote 1: Hey Maker! for MAYOR!

  2. Hey Maker! just now i watch your video, i believe together you all could make a different. Love all the nice pompoms you've got there! thanks for being a great inspiration. :D go Hey Maker!!
    - ottiedottie -