Monday, 9 July 2012

our biggest community {thanks blog-land}

Community is not just the people around you, in your street or your town. It's not just the people you connect with through similar interests, skills or lifestyles. Community stretches far and wide.
Sending this Pozible campaign out into the far and wide community has really reminded me that we share so much across a broader distance. That community is wherever you connect and however you connect.
I want to say a big thank you to those who have written blog posts, and shared about our Hey Maker Pozible Campaign on your sites. I love that people are supportive of things in their wider community, and notice how the ripple with reach them, even if they don't live within our community space.
In no order (and I'm sure I've missed some, shout out if I didn't add you to this list), super thanks

3 Things
Sang the Bird
Meet Me At Mikes
Rabbit and the Duck

and there's been so much wonderful support on facebook too. Yah and Yah to community support and crafty loving.

ps - there'll be a giveaway on facebook in the next two days. 
Have you pledged your support on our Pozible campaign? We need all the help you can give - pledges start from $1....

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