Sunday, 15 July 2012

details - small things make big things happen

So, we are in conversations with a landlord in our sweet little town. Not giving any hints away - it's a beautiful space we're looking at for our first pop up shop.
Details are being refined and re-refined and over-thought and re-thought. There's a lot of thinking and planning and dreaming happening. A lot. A lot.
There's a lot of excitement building. The possibility, the chance to make something happen in our beautiful town. To open a shop door, instead of seeing one close. To forge connections with the other shop owners, with the community, with the locals. 
To build bridges between our town and your town, or your city. With our creatives who live here, and more creatives who live somewhere else. 

Workshops are being organised and planned and designed. Pretty shop displays are being pinned and pinned. Obscure street art is being dreamt about and giggled over. Gatherings are being planned. Cakes are being made....

And pom poms - yep. We're making them too. But we want to make more; well we want more reasons to make more.

So, many of these dreams can't happen without us reaching our Pozible goal. Without it we'll still forge ahead and make things happen, in a different way. But with all that Pozible cash - well. The possibilities are beyond these dreams. To be able to set up a pop up space, to pay artists and creatives, to source beautiful crafting, making and art materials to use, to present workshops and seminars, to have visiting artists stay in our town.

While are dreams are big, we know that we are not the only ones dreaming it. There are many in our town who want to share in our dreams, in our space and our gatherings. There are many who will benefit from the creative gatherings. There are many who want to help bang Murwillumbah onto the modern creative map. Will you help us. 

We are half way to our Pozible goal. We need YOUR help to push us to the end. There are lovely rewards (apart from the feel good factor) that we will be making with our own hands and hearts. 

So, please pop on over and watch our video. Did you know we didn't know how to make videos before we made this. Just another facet of our creative selves. And please make a donation to our cause - it's far bigger than 5 creatives sitting around a table. It's a gathering, a connection, a social and economic change for a community (and remember our community is bigger than we all think. You're our community). Please, share this with your community - ask your friends to make a pledge as well.

Happy happy Sunday dear friends xxx

*image from here, one of my favourite quotes by Margaret Mead.


  1. We love your project and truly resonate with your philosophy of community. With the advent of Pozible etc., social media is able to be harnessed in wonderful ways; to create connections both in and outside your community for a common goal. Wish you all the best. Bel and Cecile.

  2. I'm SO SOOOOOO keen to be part of the obscure street art team its not even funny..............................!!!!